Welcome to Detroit Quaranteam's High Fidelity Live-Streaming Service

based on the free and open source OpenStreamingPlatform

Are you tired of listening to mediocre sounding, highly-compressed streams on Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. that drop out too often? This website is your answer. We let the performers set any bitrate for their streams. Transparent audio or GTFO!

Note: We send high quality video and audio data, so don't expect it to work over a cellular connection. We are looking into adaptive streaming, and an audio-only mode, but transcoding video uses a lot of CPU ($$) per stream, so it's not enabled right now. We might support it for the DJs who have 100+ viewers. If you want low-fidelity content, you can go to pretty much every other website. For now, enjoy it over WiFi!

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome seems to be the most reliable browser, although it should work on all modern ones.

To Create a Livestream

We recommend using the free Open Broadcaster Software.

Register a new user account. Put a "DJ" in your name so we know to give you streaming permission.

  1. Login, and go to My Channels.

  2. Create or click on a channel.

  3. Click on the blue Setup icon (bottom).

  4. Find and copy the stream key to use in OBS.


Use a Custom Service with this server address: rtmp://live.detroitquaranteam.com/stream/

In the Output tab, verify the audio bitrate is something like 256 and the video is 1500-5000 Kb/s.

In the Output - Advanced tab, set a keyframe interval of 5 seconds or so to prevent a lot of buffering / waiting for new users to a stream to start playing.

Start streaming in OBS to automatically go live here. Record your stream in OBS if you want to save for upload later.

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